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A go-to solution for quality hydraulic revamping components

The Italian industry boasts product quality as one of its historical pillars, but in today's global market, it is increasingly difficult to find proven quality components that ensure optimal operation of the machine on which they are mounted. The search for suitable and reliable components that fully satisfy the needs of the end customer is a recurring problem suffered by those who carry out machine revamping. 


Before starting the revamping operations, therefore, the maintenance technician is forced to sort through producers and distributors of components near and far, and invest time and precious resources in the search for materials. The right product is represented by the comping together of technological, price and time variables. As a first step, it is necessary to understand the priority for the revamping operation. Is the goal to update existing technology to improve system performance? The simple replacement of a component that has caused machine downtime? Or is the customer in a hurry to restart operation, regardless of the proposed solution?

  • If the main variable that dictates the revamping procedures is technological, which therefore focuses on quality performing and guaranteed hydraulic components, there is often a price problem. In many cases, those who commission a revamping operation associate the best-known brands with a high level of reliability, and show a certain distrust of lesser-known brands.
  • If the goal is revamping at low cost, one is often forced to choose lesser-known or unknown suppliers of hydraulic components, which perhaps come from distant locations, with long delivery times and few guarantees in terms of quality. 
  • If production has stopped because the machine does not work and the customer wants to restart operations quickly, time is a key factor - but it cannot be at the expense of quality. Revamping operations must be carried out quickly, but with the certainty that new problems do not occur when the machine is back in use, thus leading to the intervention being repeated in the short term.

Choose your partner for the supply of components

It is here that the selection of supplier of hydraulic components makes the difference. Today, most products are purchased on the internet, which offers a myriad possibilities as well as risks. It is very simple to be able to find and contact companies that are local, within the country, or even very far away. But it is not easy to be sure that you can trust companies that do not know each other, especially if the revamping has already been planned and the customer expects the problem to be solved by a specific date. In these cases, the revamper must take responsibility for the components chosen, often without having the possibility of going into detail as regards the technical characteristics that affect the operations of such a specific intervention.

In these cases, it can be extremely advantageous to establish a relationship of mutual trust with a supplier selected for its competence and reliability, which then becomes a partner. As such, it is possible to speed up the revamping process by outsourcing all operations that do not constitute added value for the revamper, by hiring experts on the dynamics of reconditioning operations and any customisations present.

A partner-supplier will help companies because

  • it prioritises time;
  • it is also able to provide technical advice on the products it offers;
  • it can evaluate the use of alternative brands that offer high levels of performance at a competitive price.

Does this seem like an impossible talk?

Not for Interfluid. Thanks to its internal technicians and a warehouse calibrated to the needs of maintenance workers of hydraulic power plants, Interfluid is able to eliminate the issue of time and reduce costs, by applying price policies that are satisfactory for both parties, with trusted customers.

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