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Interfluid grows up and adds new services


It seems like a moment ago but two years have already passed since Interfluid celebrated its fortieth anniversary. The years from 1979 to today have passed just as quickly, years in which Interfluid has constantly evolved, always investing in new technologies and exploring new markets, both in a geographical and product sense.


Interfluid today has a pneumatic division, the first born together with the company, a high pressure division, which has been growing steadily since 2005 and which in recent times has been following with particular attention the emerging hydrogen market and the hydraulics division, born in 2008, which today includes some of the leading brands in the sector.

In an interview released for the February 2022 issue of Italian magazine Oleodinamica Pneumatica, published by Tecniche Nuove, we told why one of the distinctive elements of Interfluid continues to be the search for new products and services and how we help our customers to work in more effective and efficient way to save costs but also to burden the environment less.

  • Servopumps are one of the most concrete examples of technological innovation applied to hydraulics thanks to the expertise of our technicians who work side-by-side with the companies to optimize their processes.
  • The new components for hydrogen usage and units for pressure testing are an example of how the transfer of know-how between Interfluid and our suppliers can give life to innovative products that meet new market needs.
  • Participation in the new marketplace, Interfluid's official online sales channel, is the result of Interfluid's desire to enter the world of online sales to provide new services to its users, of all generations.

If you are willing to know more, you can read the complete article of the magazine Oleodinamica Pneumatica.

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